Vip tips are for premium members. there is monthly subscribe (30e, min 15 picks). That are my best picks, strongest insiders when some team coming with reserves, resting players, when somebody have many players out because of injury/suspensions or when is some team stronger for some players from first team (clubs which has 2nd team in 3rd, 4th or regional league or in reserves). You get games few hours before game (sometimes day-two before), so before odds drop..So, payment is via skrill and western union. Also, you will receive all tips from sms service gratis. for more informations to view our packages go to menu vip picks.

 e-mail: ramos_typs@hotmail.com

sabota(04.03)  sms servisot e aktiven! 1 singl so kvota 1.80

saturday(04.03) sms service is active! 1 single, odd is 1.80


Text Number SMS-Price
Kosovo FOR RAMOS 55050 1.00 EUR

Serbia 100 RAMOS 1310 118,00 RSD + 1 SMS
Romania TXT RAMOS 1231 0.70 EUR+VAT
TAP RAMOS 141551 59.00 MKD
PL Poland
TXT RAMOS 7468 4.92 PLN
CZ Czech
TXT3 TIPS 90703 30.00 CZK
SK Slovakia
TXT RAMOS 7771 1.00 EUR + VAT (20%)
ME Crna Gora
TXT RAMOS 14741 1.00 EUR
B i H
091810700 2,00 BAM + VAT (17%)
1915 1,20 BGN
SI Slovenia
3838 0,99 EUR
GR Greece
TXT RAMOS 54344 1.23 EUR
TXT RAMOS 7510 1.28 EUR
Germany TXT2 RAMOS 89000 1.99 EUR

e-mail:ramosreal36@yahoo.com Mobile Payments by hr.fortumo.com

croatia: Operetor usluge s dodanom vrijednosti: NTH Media d.o.o., Horvacanska 17a, 10 000 Zagreb,

Support: ramosreal36@yahoo.com Powered by Fortumo.Com

Croatia:Cijena: 6.20 KN (T-Mobile, VIPnet), 6.10 KN (Tele2)
Podrška: ramosreal36@yahoo.com | +385 1 638 8135 Mobilni plaćanja hr.fortumo.com
Tehnička podrška(davatelj usluge): Telekomunikacijske usluge d.o.o., Međimurska 28, 42000 Varaždin, MB: 070096612, OIB 12385860076. Tel: 042 500 871.
Serbia:Cena: 118,00 RSD + 1 стандард SMS (mt:s 120,60 RSD, Vip 118,00 RSD, Telenor 121,54 RSD)
Podrška: +38975601168 | ramosreal36@yahoo.com Mobilna Naplata: fortumo.rs
Romania:Preţ: €1,00 + TVA
Asistenţă: +38975601168 | ramosreal36@yahoo.com
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mobile payment by: fortumo.co.uk


Albania:Price: 120.00 ALL, Service available to AMC and Eagle Mobile customers.
Support: +38975601168 | ramosreal36@yahoo.com
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Kosovo: Price: €0.80 + VAT.
Support: +38975601168 | ramosreal36@yahoo.com
Mobile Payment by fortumo.com

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20:30 Piast – Wisla      2     (2.20)

SMS SERVICE (03.03): 

18:30 Union Berlin – Wurzburger 1 @ 1.85 WON!


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